Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

57-year-old Charlie gets fucked hard

This guy in this video didn't need a sex therapist to figure out what's wrong with his pecker. The problem is that he's been trying to fuck 18-year-old girls, and as any MILF lover knows, no teenage girl is gonna be very good at turning limp cock into wood. But, as Charlie points out, the guy doesn't seem to be having a problem when she's the one stroking his cock through his pants.
'I've never seen a sex therapist this hot before,' the lucky patient says to 57-year-old Charlie.
'Maybe we'll work on this a little bit and come up with some answers,' Charlie says as she keeps rubbing away at his problem. 'I think we might be getting to the root of your problem. Maybe it's not 18-year-olds that you like.'
No. Maybe it's big-titted mature blondes who show cleavage, wear stockings and garter belts and know how to suck and fuck. Teenagers, be gone!

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